Fainareti – EN

Fainareti (historically known as Phaenarete), the mother of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, was a midwife. Her work was the inspiration for baptizing the dialectical philosophical method of Socrates in “maieutics” (from the Greek word μαιευτική, which means midwifery). Because a philosopher can use dialog to “deliver the truth” from his interlocutor just like a midwife applies her skills to deliver a newborn to the world.

The Non-Profit Organization FAINARETI was founded in 2006 with the aim of research and intervention for the promotion of the health of women and their families in Greece. FAINARETI’S primary goal is to study, design and develop any form of programmes and actions for the promotion of care and support of the pregnant, the new mother and the family.

FAINARETI’s personnel comprises of 15 members of different scientific disciplines, such as:

  • midwives,
  • psychologists,
  • psychiatrists,
  • physical trainers,
  • administrative staff,

as well as a group of volunteers who support FAINARETI’S activities.

FAINARETI is registered in:

  • the National Registry of Institutions of the Non-Profit Private Sector providing social care services
  • and the Special Registry of the Volunteering Non-Governmental Organizations / Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity


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