Bringing Mothers Back to work

Training Course

Model training course

for mothers during or after pregnancy

Welcome to “MothersCan – Bringing Mothers back to work”! Our project aims to successfully integrate mothers during or after pregnancy into the job market. We understand how challenging it can be to regain your footing after a break, and that’s exactly where we come in.

Project Goal

Our main goal is to equip mothers with the necessary skills and competencies to successfully apply for jobs and continue their careers. We emphasize the strengths and advantages of being a mother rather than focusing on the potential challenges.

Course Content and Benefits

The training course consists of eight modules, each with two sessions. The following topics are covered:

Contents 1

Legal foundations during and after pregnancy:

Important legal framework that young mothers should know.

Contents 2

Strengthening key competencies:

Developing methodological, social, and personal skills.

Contents 3

Strengthening digital and environmental competencies:

Knowledge and skills needed in the modern workplace.

Contents 4

Balancing work and family life:

Strategies and tips for balancing work and family.

Contents 5

Psychological well-being for mother and family:

Techniques and approaches to promote psychological well-being.

Contents 6

Career advice and opportunities:

Support in career planning and development.

Participants benefit from practical everyday tips, building self-confidence, and valuable networking opportunities. The course is designed to be flexible and practical to meet the specific needs of mothers.

Registration and Further Information

Interested? Sign up today and start your journey back to work. Visit the Plan B gGmbH for more information on course start dates, location, and registration.

We encourage all mothers who want to re-enter the job market to participate in our training course. Take this opportunity to advance your career and enhance your skills. We are here to support you!

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